• Safety Policy

Statement of Company Policy for Health and Safety

Eclipse Group Ltd undertakes activities associated with the role of Principle Contractor within the Construction Industry and provides general construction services. Eclipse Group Ltd is committed to delivering this service in a safe and controlled manner by:

• Complying with current legislation and other requirements as applicable.

• Implementing and continually improving the effectiveness of an Integrated Management System which incorporates the requirements of OHSAS 18001.

• Providing documented health and safety arrangements and safe systems of work which are communicated to all employees and contractors with the intent of preventing injury and ill health.

• Setting and reviewing health and safety objectives and targets to drive continual improvement.

• Defining and communicating the health and safety responsibilities associated with each position of employment/engagement with Eclipse Group Ltd.

• Providing materials, resources and additional personnel as appropriate to implement the requirements of this policy statement.

• Provide appropriate training where necessary to uphold and develop employee competence.

• Ensuring that all contractors are assessed and evaluated for acceptable levels of competence and allocation of adequate resources in relation to their work activities.

• Monitor health and safety performance to clarify whether continual improvement has been achieved and to enable resources to priorities areas of under achievement.

• Consulting with employees to ascertain their issues relating to health and safety.

• Working closely with clients and other interested parties to ensure that their requirements with respect to health and safety are incorporated within the Eclipse Group Ltd’s operations.

• Communicating the content of this policy statement to all employees and contractors and making it freely available to clients and other interested parties.

The Eclipse Group Health and Safety Policy

All persons fulfilling a management position within Eclipse Group Ltd including Directors, are required to maintain hight standards of health, safety and welfare throughout their areas of responsibility.

All employees and subcontractors engaged by Eclipse Group Ltd are required to adhere with the prescribed safe systems of work within Eclipse Group Ltd’s Safety Management System.

All systems of health, safety and welfare provision shall be reviewed at least on an annual basis including this policy statement.

The Directors give their full backing to this policy statement and fully support it’s effective implementation throughout the business.

The Board of Directors have appointed the Managing Director, as having particular responsibility for Health, Safety and Welfare, and the whom reference should be made in the event of any difficulty arising in the implementation of this policy.